Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting Started

Hi. If you're reading this you've made it to the 'inner circle' and will now learn the lesser passwords of UCO. Okay, maybe not, but hopefully you'll find food for thought.

As Mission Leader I find my mind constantly full of ideas and thoughts which I want to communicate (some of which probably have no need of being communicated), but this is at least one way to get set these imprisoned thoughts free. Don't expect anything grand or deep or revolutionary, but you can expect some occasional fun things. Like a link to one of my favorite music videos.

My thought for today? Two very powerful words. Words that will change your life if you say them regularly. what are they? "Let's pray." Prayer is going to be a contastant theme for us in UCO, why? because prayer is our means of drawing close to God and inviting God into the areas of our lives. God has the power to change things. When you find yourself talking about a challenging situation, difficult relationship, our even about a friend who is going through a hard time, make a difference. Rather than letting an abundance of helpless words get you into a state of fruitless pity, say these two simple words: let's pray. Then actually pray. Invite God to be God of the situation and to change the very things that were being complained about. And beleive me, He will.

PS Sorry about the music video.

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