Sunday, November 1, 2009

Is it worth it?

This month we are starting a series on Ecumenism. Ecumenism is the word we use to describe the fact that we have Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox Christians in UCO and yet we as a group aren't Protestant, Roman Catholic, or Orthodox (although I hope that we are orthodox). For all that will be talked about and discussed this month I want to put the challenge back to YOU and ask YOU a question: is it worth it? I hope that this is a question everyone in UCO gets a chance to take seriously during their time here. Is our ecumenism worth it?

We can talk about what it is, what happened to cause the problems, why it's possible, how to do it, why is it hard, and why it matters. And we will. But none of that information can make the decision for you. Is it worth it? Hopefully the information will help you make a good decision, but it is nevertheless a personal decision each one of us have to make. Going along for the ride won't cut it for very long.

This month I want to challenge you to ask yourself: do I believe this choice toward unity is worth all the difficulties it raises? And if it is worth it, how far are you willing to go to fight for it?

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