Monday, November 30, 2009

Reinventing Advent

Advent, like any season, tradition or practice, has the potential to become routine. Either that or it gets ignored. Just because it can be observed poorly, doesn't negate the potential for good Advent can have if the spirit of the season is personally embraced.

Can you sum up the point of Advent in your own words?

Being a student makes celebrating any special Church season difficult. Taking extra time for silence, for stillness, and for focusing on the Lord is difficult during the stress of finals. Still I would encourage you to make an effort to spend more time with the Lord in the busyness of the season. It's possible, and even more than that it's worth it.

Observing Advent doesn't look the same for everyone. Can you come up with creative ways to embrace the spirit of the season given your own unique circumstances? If college students can't find stillness, they can certainly find time to engage discussion. We aren't so much reinventing Advent as rediscovering it.

If you are from a Church or tradition that doesn't observe Advent, engage in dialogue with those who do to find out why they do, what they think it means, what scripture passages they read, and how their lives are different during this season. Express your own thoughts about why your Church doesn't observe the season.

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